Maine Country Home celebrates Maine-Coast design. Our painted and refreshed desks, mirrors, chests, and bureaus look like they just came from sitting by a window overlooking a rocky shoreline (maybe they have). We also specialize in helping our customers bring the beauty of the Maine outdoors into their homes, through Chalk Paint®, Milk Paint, specially selected brushes, gilding wax, hardware, and an assortment of other home goodies.


Mainers tend to eschew mass production and fads, in favor of authenticity and a respect for nature. Maine Country Home honors these values by upcycling quality furniture and considering the environment through all  of the products we sell.

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So step into our majestic, unspoiled and brilliantly crisp world of the wild Maine Coast. Live the Maine Coast lifestyle, anywhere.


Our store on Main Street in historic Rockland features an inviting spread of painted furniture and unique artisan home accessories.