Last week I got caught up in a massive project fluffing and buffing our house for summer tenants. Otherwise know as house cleaning! Like many people who live in travel destinations we often rent our home for a summer rental. We have even done a rental exchange for vacation homes overseas. Which is a great way to keep your vacation costs under control. Here are my fluffing tips for rental or special guests.

Tip 1 – Clean, clean, clean. It is something that very few of us do often enough. But when you have rented your house take the time to really scrub.  Especially if you have pets, rent a carpet washer and do the entire house. And don’t forget to clean your closets.

Tip 2- Spruce up your linen. Clean sheets make a big impact! No one want your tired yellow pillow cases. I have tons of new rags for painting and waxing projects from this week since it was my excuse to go through every bit of bed linen I own.

Tip 3 – Clean towels are obvious, but run out to a box store and buy a few cute hand and fingertip towels. They can add a finishing touch that says “welcome”.

Tip 4 – Get rid of clutter. We all tend to have too many things on display. Take the time to declutter your home. Then add a few pillows or pretty pieces of pottery as a finishing touch.

Ceramic Bowl and Seashell Pillow

Tip 5 – Once you’re all clean, add a pretty bowl with a fresh sachet or flowers and add room freshener to your closets.

Chrystal Fragrance

Your guests will thank you.

New Side Table

Of course, I decided that I needed to paint two pieces of furniture in the master bedroom, so I took a little longer to finish my projects, because I kept adding to them!

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