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Cover of 2012 Autumn Cottage Magazine

It is the time to think about fall, specifically fall decoration. Not quite time for Thanksgiving, unless you are on a magazine deadline, but fall none the less. I saw the Autumn Cottage on sale today at my local bookstore. For those of you who don’t know about it Autumn Cottage is a seasonal journal, they also do Spring, Summer and Winter by Hoffman Media.

This issues cover has a pumpkin with hydrangeas on the cover. What a simple, great idea. I am always on the look on the web, magazines, store windows, for new ideas and inspirations. Since I still have pumpkins from last year in the cellar, yes…they are just fine, and I have tons of hydrangeas this will make a great centerpiece this fall.

There is also a great article on uses for shutters. I loved this idea of using shutters as headboards. Because we are about to build the new Maine Country Home, ideas like these shutters will come in very, very handy. I was thinking that you could paint each side a different color so that you could change out the look of the room. I could use the green for winter and fall, and a blue for spring and summer. I know it is a little over the top to change the house with the seasons, but I actually do it twice a year!

From Autumn Cottage Magazine

This pictures are from the magazine for this post. Unfortunately you can’t get it online, or at least not that I can find. So I scanned the magazine.

Speaking of scans, to scan the articles I used my new TurboScan App that Reni from Bliss and Tell recommended. She also mentions TeuxDeux, which is a very clever app for lists and calendar items. Again, another good read.

Teux Deux app from Bliss and Tell

Happily painting away, including starting to use more fall colors! We will have the show and tell of several new items shortly.



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