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A French Country Chic Dresser

Beige and white are one of my favorite color combinations. To me it has a feeling of a day at the beach combined with French country style.  I could do an entire house it this color scheme, if I didn’t have five dogs. Maybe I’ll do a guest room in this color scheme in a room in our new house.

For now we just have this cute little dresser.

This oak dresser started as a bargain find with good bones. It came from a discover auction. It was covered layers of old varnish that had crackled with age.

The first step, not one I usually take, was to strip it using a heat gun, and sand paper. Then I needed primer to get rid of the red bleed through. The dresser is painted with two coats of ASCP French Linen. I then washed the French Linen with Old White and finally over coated Old White on the top and side trim. The dresser was then lightly sanded and waxed with two coats of clear wax and buffed. New handles from Signature Hardware capped off the finished look.

 French Country Dresser

It sounds like a lot of work but most of the time is waiting for paint to dry or wax to harden.

I was going to put this piece in the Maine Country Home, but my neighbors grabbed it before it could get out of the barn.  Yahoo!

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