A Place To Call Home

I have just settled down for a long winter’s nap. Well, not exactly but with record cold gripping the North and East of the USA it seems like we should be.

Instead, as we roll into the new year, we’ve cuddled up to the fireplace and TV watching our favorites.

And they are…. almost all from Australia. Yes, we loved and binge-watched The Crown season two but for gripping and exciting TV try Australia.

The two shows grabbed us.

A Place to Call Home and  East of Everywhere.

East of Everywhere is new to us, so we’re not entirely through season 1, but A Place To Call Home with all five of its seasons is about the most captivating TV show we have EVER watched.

Hailed as the Downton Abbey of Australia, it is almost anything but.

It steps in and takes you and your mind to places you might have forgotten. Starting in 1954 it is set on a sheep station in a fictional small town of Inverness.

Covering every topic that faces us today with wit, wisdom, and drama this show cuts across every cultural barrier that we ever knew existed. Yet, it is set in 1954 not today.

While not wanting to give away any of the exceptional plot lines the Bligh family will come into your home, and you will fall in love with them. Before you know it, you will be waiting with baited breath for what’s next. It is must-see TV.

When we finished season 5 and were casting around for a new show, we found East of Everywhere. Again the Australians have taken on tough subjects with both wit and drama. This one a more modern setting of Broken Bay Austrailia but still that underlining plot with social undertones. So it is my new must-see TV.

They are both on Amazon, and we highly recommend for those long winters nights. Now back to my nap.

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