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The poppy. A beautiful flower that beckons the beginning of summer with it’s bright red petals. Almost as if to say, “stop, smell me, slow down, enjoy the changing season.”


We love this in-between time. Late spring, but not quite summer yet. The blackflies and mosquitoes are still at bay, the days are longer, and there’s the satisfaction of digging around in the garden. Or sitting on the deck with a nice glass of wine if that’s more your speed!

This time of year also brings about the beginning of the Art Walks in Rockland. Here art is celebrated daily with an abundance of galleries, art centers, and the newly opening Center for Maine Contemporary Art (CMCA) just around the corner from us. Art Walk is really special because it gives us the chance to highlight a new artist every month. And when there’s so much talent in the area it makes the choice difficult of who to bring in!

As you may remember we found these absolutely beautiful hand-stamped towels from an artisan in Portland earlier this spring. (Poppy seen in the upper left)

poppy towel

So when we met Christine Neville and she started talking about her Tall Poppies painting it was kismet! The story behind it is just wonderful:

A group of my colleagues and I were invited this time last year to present a conference in Auckland, New Zealand concerning the needs of highly gifted children. Evidently the symbol for highly gifted individuals in New Zealand is the Tall Poppy, with the idea that in an earlier time the “individuals who stood out or stood tall” needed to be cut down to size to be normal and not be allowed to develop their strengths. So now they celebrate the “Tall Poppies” and work to support their unusual needs!

Celebrating uniqueness is something we do here at Maine Country Home quite often. Whether it be with the furniture we paint, the home accessories we find, or the work we’re commissioned to do. So this story really resonated with us.

Please join us in celebrating the uniqueness of our May artist, Christine Neville for the first Art Walk of the season:

Friday May 6th


Light refreshments will be served.

Look forward to seeing you soon!

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