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Vanity Before and After

We have many before and after furniture projects at the Maine Country Home but few have drawn as much attention as this one.

This little Victorian vanity had seen better days when Kristy brought in into the store. But… as they say “it had good bones”.   Rather than just repaint the piece she decided that she would completely repurpose this vanity into two side tables.

She dismantled the vanity and then went to work cleaning up the two ends.

A bit of filler and sanding  got rid of the broken and chipped veneer on the sides. Followed by a couple of coats of graphite and then some fine sanding the top was baby smooth. Then came the drawers.

The condition was such that before cleaning you would never had actually known what great wood was underneath the dirt. A little TSP, a little TLC, and some fine sanding (600 grit) then oil.

We like to sand the wood starting with 230 grit becoming progressively finer. This allows you to remove the old varnish usually without digging into the veneer and ruining the piece. After the first coat of oil, I like to apply the second coat using wet/dry sand paper in 600 grit. Just brush on the oil and then gently sand it into the finish.

After sanding wipe down the excess oil. When cured, voila, the smoothest, and very lovely wood drawers take a starring role on this repurposed vanity.

All of this was so easy to do, with some simple paint, oils, waxes and a bit of TLC.

xoxo Lydia

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