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Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines, the quick-luxury-rental-renovation has begun. In fact, it is almost done, but not without a full village of people to see it through start to finish.
In May 2015 our rental condominium in Newport RI was rented to a short term summer tenant. The mission – refurnish the condominium and make it ready for a luxury rental. This was a soup to nuts project. The inside was completely repainted, every room needed to be furnished, not to mention art, dishes, pots, pans, silverware, and soft goods…everything! 
The problem – this condo has been rented unfurnished until now. The old tenants did’t move out until June 15, and the new tenants move in July 1. The trick is in the timing.
The design mandate – take a slightly tired rental and turn it into a lux Parisian style apartment with some seaside style thrown in.
With a project this big, and in this short a time frame, I turned to several of my good friends to lend a hand. First, my friends Penny Whiting from New Zealand, and Kristy Grover who have been busy painting furniture in our barn for a month. My partner Samantha deGroff who helped with loads of shopping and furniture finds. And finally my friend Amy Chalmers of Maison Decor Blog Spot to help pull the Lux For Less look off. She is in no particular order, a talented painter, interior stylist, and a HomeGoods shopper. 
On our first shopping trip Samantha and I scored with truck loads of bureaus, tables, side chairs etc.
Then we raided The Maine Country Home, otherwise known as my house, (the store is still full of furniture if you believe it!) for the dining set, a spare sofa, some rugs, and tables.
We picked the general color schemes for each room and everyone set off to paint.
The big quandary was wall color, and what to do with the existing wall with the bookcase and fireplace. The wall color ended up being bright white, and starting on June 8th Penny and the painting crew arrived. 
Moving day in Maine was June 15, and thank goodness everyone came to help! Hubs promptly left the country for the next week. He is a very smart man!
We moved all the furniture, soft goods, linens, etc and started the finishing touches. It was pretty frantic for a few days, but…the whole condo is painted and ready to decorate. So that does the basics, but…what about the panel book case?
I have always wanted a large Trumeau mirror, and that space just begged for one. After Amy and I measured my husband built it for us. There is a new special Efex Decorative Appliqué that I wanted to showcase, and Amy started the mirror with base colors and the rest of the Efex pieces.
Oh, did I mention we scheduled a very special photo shoot before the new tenants move in? We’re just gluttons for punishment.
Finally, we added art by John MacGowan and pottery from Ingrid Flynn in Newport to round out the look. Those are details that are often overlooked. Walls and surfaces need embellishment too!
Amy arrived with bags of HomeGoods goodies, and we set to work finishing the mantel and mirror, placing the furniture and hanging the curtains and art. We had our first slumber party and enjoyed a little bit of wine.
Stay tuned for the photo shoot this Wednesday. So in total it was 17 days from the beginning of painting, to done, dusted, and ready to shoot. BUT…NOT WITHOUT A VILLAGE OF HELP. THANK YOU ALL!
Stay tuned for the big photo shoot and reveal.

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