Annie Sloan Mix Mat... 5 great reasons to use one ! Try it today you will love it!

 Annie Sloan Mix Mat……….

                 5 Great reasons to use one!

Have you met The Annie Sloan Mix Mat. It is awesome!

I admit I wasn’t convinced at first. Then I actually used it! Now I can barely paint without it. We are certain you will feel the same way.

So why is it so good and what can you do with it.

1- It is silicone so the paint just sits there so you can mix up any color you want.

2 – It has all these great little tips and tricks. Try them and see what a difference they make on the way you think about painting your furniture.

3 – It is super easy to clean

4 – It’s not just for mixing. You can use it to load up rollers or brushes. I keep it next to me with paint on it while I am painting furniture.

5 – It saves paint – no more wasted extra mixes.

Come on in and see it in use at Maine Country Home.



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