Annie Sloan Paints Everything - the newest book from Annie

Annie Sloan Paints Everything

Annie Sloan’s new book is here, Annie Sloan Paints Everything. Given that we already knew that we can and do paint everything, I was kind of wondering what would be new.


Well Annie is a creative and she has done a great job. This book is beyond paint everything.

It’s a fun and wildly informative how to, with a twist.

What I love about this book is that every one of the 40 new techniques she shows us can be used to paint almost any style of furniture. Yup 40 new ways to use paint and wax. Wow… you would have thought.

I really love a couple of the projects like the white radio cabinet – where you can get some great ideas for playing with wax to get the look you want.

And some great techniques for painting walls.

In stock now at Maine Country Home. We love it!

xoxo Lydia

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