Annie Sloan Stencils Trees

For some reason known only to my mind I have obsessed about stencils. We carry Annie Sloan stencils and at first I was not sold. Then I went over Annie’s Instagram account to see how many ways she uses the stencils. I think you will be amazed.  They are so versatile. These are not your mom 1970’s stencils.  No more are stencils just for the top of a wall, or  around the windows. Those days are GONE.

The beauty of the Annie Sloan stencil collection is it’s versatility. What’s your style? Because we have stencils for every style, From simple and elegant like the roses, to Boho, like nymph and circle, coastal with the fish and the sand dollar,

Ok, so they are fun in their own right but that is not where they excel. In typical Annie Sloan fashion she is showing us how to use stencils in so many creative ways. See what Annie said about her designs.

Since I have a white washed dining table, this will be coming soon to The Maine Country Home. This was rolled with a foam roller to get a very flat finish.

We see an Old White background with Olive and Barcelona Orange mixed with white and gold. Notice how the Olive trees are the base then the orange and gold. Also notice the trees are slightly random. How much fun would this be on an accent piece, either a wall, small table top, or even a pillow. Or make them seasonal with different colors.

Taking the idea of chintz to a whole new lever.

Next week we will show you what we did to mix up these stencils for new patterns and styles.



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