Antibes Green color profile - get to know this vibrant color

Antibes Green – color profile

Antibes Green, pronounced “ahn-tee-buh green”.

There are so many beautiful, bold colors in the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint line, and we can’t wait to tell you about all of them! We’ll get to all of the 35 Chalk Paint colors in due time, and you can always skip over to the colors page if you get impatient.

But today it’s all about Antibes Green. This bright, bold, saturated color is quite versatile. It may seem a bit over the top at first, but stick with us! It looks very rustic when you apply the Dark Wax over it.

Antibes Green Nightstand with Dark Wax Antibes Green chalk paint closeup efex inspiration

Or take it a step further with the Black Wax for a more warehouse/ultra-rustic look. Using the Dark or Black Wax over bright colors is a great way to tone them down. In order for this to work, however, you surface should have some texture to it. You can always use a rounded brush to create texture with brush strokes so the wax has somewhere to settle into.

Antibes Green with black wax

Of course, you can still create a modern aesthetic with this color. Pair with other bright colors, like Florence, for a fun combo.

antibes green chalk paint

For more of a country look layer over a color like Aubusson Blue, Chateau Grey, or Old Ochre and use the roughest sanding pad (60 grit) for a rough, weathered look.

annie sloan chalk paint

You can see how we used this color and two others to make this year’s Pantone color, Greenery.

Also try mixing with English Yellow for a bright, grassy green. Or with Old White for a more subtle pastel green.

Are you sold on using Antibes Green for one of your next projects?

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