Antoinette vs. Provence / Graphite vs. Olive | Maine Country Home

Some interesting color choices for you today! We love it though, it makes us see combinations we might have never thought of before. Like our first match-up: Antoinette vs. Provence. Both great colors, and together they really coordinate nicely. Antoinette brings warmth into Provence’s coolness, and helps balance the brightness. So let’s get inspired!

light pink inspiration

Soft, dusty pinks are for more than nurseries now. This versatile color is warm, inviting, romantic, and plays well with others. For instance, if you pair it with beige-greens, creams, and antique whites you’ve created an instant French countryside escape. The room above shows how lovely pink accents can be. Glassware, blankets, artwork and frames, ceramics, and dusty-pink upholstery all show off this color magnificently. We especially love how it looks with the warm wood tone which help keeps it more in the vintage/modern category.

teal furniture

Bold and beautiful Provence, much more than coastal. In this bedroom it’s taken on more of a country vibe thanks to the accessories. Not too bright that you can’t use it on multiple pieces in a room, just balance it with some neutrals and you’re good to go! As with other bright colors keep them modern by pairing with other bright colors or patterns and bright white. To go coastal pair with soft whites and bright reds. Or just paint some picture frames to add some color and interest on your walls.

So which one do you want to see move on in the competition? Vote in the comments below and on Facebook for your favorite!

primitive dining room

Soft blacks are where it’s at. They stand the test of time over shiny, harsh blacks. Use Graphite as an accent, or your primary color as seen in the dining room above. It looks especially good with another color peeking through a distressed or crackled finish. Use Barcelona Orange, Old White, or Arles for a primitive look. Pair with crisp, white linens for a more modern look, or creams and medium-toned blues for a country vibe. We don’t suggest darkening most colors with Graphite because it can make them quite muddy. Instead, darken with complementary colors, i.e. red+green, blue+orange, yellow+purple.

olive furniture

Olive was a surprising winner, we thought for sure Florence was going to win. But it seems people might have had a change of heart, especially after seeing this picture. We’re sure giving this color the benefit of the doubt after finding this beautiful console table! Love the blond wood and jute basket accessories, they help to balance the darkness of the green. Olive looks especially handsome when Dark Wax is used, making it deeper and richer. We also love using bright, bold oranges with this more muted color, the two work extremely well together. They’d look great stenciled on a linen pillow accenting a creamy-yellow sofa. Or an Olive table base with Graphite chairs…now the wheels are turning!

What do you think? Do you have a change of heart seeing this pictures, or did you make up your mind already and you’re sticking to it? Let us know in the comments below and on Facebook!

Our next battle will be Monday the 21st between Country Grey vs. Pure White & Burgundy vs. Paris Grey.

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