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A great find last spring a Torison Balance Scale

Oh my gosh, I was working on the website tonight and rereading my posts from this spring. I had forgotten, yep, forgotten, that I have the same scale as Miss Mustard Seed.  I loved it at first sight and bought it at an auction last spring.

apothecary scaleThe scale is an apothecary scale that dates from 1945. When you look at it you can see history in front of your eyes.  Just think it was only 67 years ago that when you needed pills or medicine from a pharmacy this is what they used for the dosage.

The scale is made by the Torsion Balance Company which was originally in founded as the Springer Torsion Balance Company, founded in 1897.

Sign on scale from 1945 from Torison Balance

Research on the web showed me that “The purposes of that corporation were to ‘acquire the ownership of patents on scales, balances, automatic discharging meters, and other instruments of precision and to manufacture and sell such articles.’ Five years later, The Torsion Balance Company was organized under the laws of the State of New York by filing a Certificate of Incorporation on January 7, 1902. After the acquisition of the business of Christian Becker, The Torsion Balance Company formed in 1915.”

We know this company today as Fulcurm which was” established in 2000 when it acquired Torbal™, and the Torsion Balance prescription line. Their web site says that Torbal™ dates back to the 1800s when it became famous for its superior weighing mechanisms, which were based on the Torsion design. This company is still in business today in New Jersey and they are the leading balance manufacturers in the world. So in a way this is full circle.

apothecary scale details

Amazing to think of it that way. I just liked the fact that it was a real piece of Americana, and had been used for it’s intended purpose. It is now sitting at the Antique Exchange waiting for a new owner, because I have too much stuff.

Another point, I love the fact that MMS and I have the same style, of course that is why we are stalking the UPS guy for our first shipment of Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint.

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