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Warm versus cool colors today! We’re rounding the home stretch of our first bout of voting, just today’s and Tuesday’s left. Then things start getting really intense! Have you found the color match ups to be pretty easy to vote for, or have you been left struggling to pick a favorite?

arles chalk paint

ARLES: This rich, deep yellow was inspired by the town of Arles in the south of France where a wide range of earthy yellow ochres are dug straight from the ground. It’s a natural rustic color as well as a modern color.

emperor's silk chalk paint

EMPEROR’S SILK: A bright pure red like the silk lining of a jacket. It is also the red of Chinese lacquer, especially when deepened with Dark Soft Wax. Use it in the interior of a cupboard or drawer for a pop of color. For a more red-red mix in equal parts with Primer Red.

This is a tough choice! Comment on your favorite below and on Facebook. Don’t forget, extra secret special bonus points if you share a picture of something you’ve painted in either color!

louis blue chalk paint

LOUIS BLUE: Pair this clean pastel blue with white for a fine Rococo look or combine with brights for a vintage retro aesthetic.

paloma chalk paint

PALOMA: Made from mixing purple and yellow complementaries with white to make a soft warm neutral taupe grey. It is both a modern contemporary color and a classic color that was used when a range of purples first became possible.

So are you more blue or grey? Tough choice, they’re both great colors! But pick you must, vote in the comments here and on Facebook for which you think should move on in the competition.

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