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We’ve come to the end of our second round of voting, my hasn’t it come up fast! It’s going to go much faster from here, only 4 more votes until we find out who the winner is! So let’s get started by taking a look at who you’re voting for today:

First up we have Arles vs. Old White

arles interior

Sunny and warm Arles is a homey, comfortable color. It goes well with just about any style of decor, and balances other warm colors and neutrals well. Love the pops of it in this room, the chairs, roses, pillows, and artwork flow nicely and bring the room together. Arles looks great with French Linen and Paris Grey as the neutrals, or use it as the statement in a room.

old white interior

Warm, cozy, inviting Old White. This color plays well with everyone! Use it to lighten other colors and keep them soft. Stencil over it, or stencil with it to break up a bold color. Our most popular Annie Sloan color to paint with, and with good reason. You just can’t go wrong with this perfect off-white.

Warm and homey Arles, or goes-with-everything Old White? Vote for your favorite in the comments below and on Facebook!

Next up is Louis Blue vs. Old Violet


Cool and calm Louis Blue fits into any style of decor. Coastal, modern, Scandinavian, French…Love the pairing of this bedroom with the bright, crisp white and Frenchy furniture. It gives a modern twist on a antique style. Mix in equal parts with Pure White for an icy blue, or Paris Grey for a more muted blue.


Cool, sophisticated, calming, Old Violet. This muted slate-blue has just a hint of purple undertones, making it a very dimensional and versatile color. Primitive, like the kitchen pictured here, federal, coastal, modern…Old Violet can do with all of those styles!

Which blue steals your heart? Vote for your fav in the comments and on Facebook!

We’ll start the third round of voting on Friday with Aubusson Blue vs. Provence & Duck Egg vs. Graphite.

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