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Time to start the first votes of the second round of Annie Sloan Color Madness! If you missed yesterday’s recap of the winners and not winners (because you can’t call these colors losers!) you can catch up here.

This round we’ll be showing you how you can use these colors in your own home. It can be through the actual paint (i.e. painted furniture or accessories), upholstery fabrics, throw pillows, curtains, or rugs. There’s lots of ways to bring these amazing colors into your life. So let’s get started shall we? Sorry there’s no greens today, that’s two days from now.  But two of the colors have green tones to them, so that counts!

First up, Aubusson Blue:

dark teal wall color

A rich, dark, teal, this color is actually muted enough to use as your neutral, It doesn’t fight with other colors like brown, taupe, yellow, red, or orange, but rather lifts up and enhances them. Balance with bright or warm whites, depending on the look you’re going for. Brighter colors will lend themselves to a more modern or bohemian aesthetic, while softer whites will keep your home looking classic. We love the fun pattern on the chair and sofa that brings in more of the beautiful teal color without becoming overwhelming.

Competing against Aubusson Blue today is Old Ochre,

beige decorating ideas

A light, warm beige, Old Ochre is a bit more dimensional than Old White. It is an excellent neutral, and complements other warm colors and wood tones nicely. Keep a neutral palette by pairing it with other warm whites or creams. Or use it to balance out other bright, statement colors. It also looks great used as a wash over other colors. It gives them a nice beachy, weathered look.

Vote below in the comments, and on Facebook for your favorite!

Our next match-up is going to be a hard one for some people we think!

Duck Egg:

duck egg blue ideas

Duck Egg Blue is another one of those colors we call a neutral with personality. It goes with just about everything, but has enough pigment that it can also stand on its own. It can be coastal, modern, country, or traditional. Great as an accent color, like a collection of vases or pillows, on walls, or painted on all your furniture! Keep it crisp and modern with whites, or pair with creamy yellows and other blues for a classic country look.

Duck Egg is pitted against French Linen today, it’s a tough one!

taupe decorating ideas

French Linen is a beautiful grey-beige-taupe that often changes color based on the lighting and what other colors are around. It is a wonderful neutral that works well in every style of decor. Lighten it with Old White if you find it’s too dark to make a yummy greige, or darken with Graphite to make the perfect dark taupe. It makes a great wall color to showcase other colors against, like if you had a nice collection of artwork or prints you wanted to highlight. Paint and accent wall this color to create a gallery wall off of. French Linen can also be used as a wash over Graphite to help soften the black, but still keep it modern. It’s such a wonderful warm neutral it’s hard not to make everything this color!

So what’s your favorite, Duck Egg or French Linen? Vote below in the comments and on Facebook too! We’re on the edge of our seat!

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