Aubusson Blue vs. Provence & Duck Egg vs. Graphite

Oooooo! We’re getting down to the end now! Just four more votes until we find out who the crowd favorite is! The suspense is simply killing us!

We’ve got some beautiful blue-greens coming up in today’s match-up, which ones will move on and which ones will go home? Will Graphite upset Duck Egg Blue’s winning streak? Will it be another close race between Provence and Aubusson Blue? We’re on the edge of our seats!

First up we have you voting on Aubusson Blue and Provence. We’ve described the colors, and shown you different interiors that showed off each color. We’re going a step further to show you these colors a little more in depth. We start with Aubusson:

aubusson living room aubusson color board aubusson accessories

Deep, saturated, the perfect mix of blue and green. Aubusson is a changeable and versatile color that you can use just about anywhere.

Next up we have Provence:

provence bedroom provence pillows provence kitchen

Cool, crisp, but not too bright. Provence makes a great statement, but can also be used throughout a room without being too overwhelming.

It’s a tough one! Which would you like to see move on to the next round? Vote in the comments below and on Facebook!

The next pairing looks amazing together if you want a primitive, or country/coastal look. But you have to pick just one! Let’s start by taking a look at Duck Egg Blue:

duck egg table setting duck egg inspiration duck egg living room

Muted, calming, inviting. Duck Egg Blue goes way beyond coastal. Use as a soft accent amongst white and cream, or as the over-arching color in your palette.

Next we take a look at versatile Graphite:

graphite console graphite accents graphite table

Whether you’re using Graphite to offset other colors, or as a contrast to white, it looks stunning in any situation.

So which is your favorite? Calm and muted Duck Egg, or bold and beautiful Graphite? Cast your vote in the comments below and on Facebook! Don’t forget, extra points if you share a picture of something you’ve painted in either color. We’ll post the results on Facebook tomorrow afternoon.

Coming up Sunday we have Pure White vs. and Paris Grey vs.

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