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Starting January 1st we have been busy getting ready for spring. This weekend we went to our third auction of the year and its only Jan 13th. The barn is bursting at the seams with new finds. The excitement of an auction is always fun, each auctioneer is different so each auction is different. Of course the key to auctions is to not get swept up in the action. Many times people who go to auctions they get swept up spending far too much. When I go to an auction, I have set rules and limits that I pre set for my self. That way I keep from overspending.

Dry sink

First, we found a couple of pieces of depression furniture in great condition that will be just perfect to paint. We also found a dry sink, and a couple of drop leaf harvest tables.

Mr. Maine Country Home is prepping them for painting, fixing when necessary, and turning some like this mahogany chest into special repurposed items. I have been busy looking for some other fixtures for repurposing. We will have a sneak peek of that furniture today, but the final revel will be next week.

Mahogany chest being repurposed

At today’s auction we found a great step back cupboard, and a lovely desk. We also found a signed Wallace Nutting chair that we are both so in love with it will be hard to sell. These pieces will go to the store. There is also a small table to paint.

In addition to furniture, we found a lovely pale watercolor of ducks flying, At a previous auction we found this sweet little model of a steam yacht. Just looking at it makes me think of summer.

Small steam model

For now, it is winter, the Christmas holidays are behind us, and it is time to hunker down and be cozy.

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