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It’s hard to find Boxwood.

 After reading all the yummy posts about boxwood wreaths I thought I would go out and buy some boxwood. Not so fast as it turns out.

boxwoodandchirstmas copy

I did manage to grab a couple of bunches of the green treasure, but I wish I had more and had more of it earlier in the season. Sigh…

 Apparently there is a shortage of Boxwood. But if you love the color then you’re in luck because Boxwood is the Miss Mustard Seed color of the month!


It is a perfect fit for this festive season whether it’s a large piece of furniture, or just a small stool. Something to just set off your holiday season decoration.

We also have sample sizes of Boxwood in the store for your painting pleasure.

And next year we will not have a boxwood shortage at my house. I am planting boxwood shrubs, so there will be lots of wreaths next year 🙂

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