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OMG! It is a dream come true, we are officially building the Maine Country Home! The surveyors have set the stakes and the diggers are here, I can hardly believe it!

Maine Country Home

We currently live in a guest house over a barn located at the end of a point in midcoast Maine.  The property has island views, a deepwater cover, a tidal cove and a tiny little island and the end of it’s own salt water marsh.

As you can imagine, planning to build a home takes a whole lot of work, and a whole lot of dreaming 🙂

Given coastal building restrictions we needed a house that is long and skinny and that looks great on both sides. We wanted to have open plan living connected with the ocean. The water side has large windows and doors that will open out onto a covered porch and patio. The entry side has fewer windows, and is the side that takes the beating from the winter weather.

Overall the house will be a shingle style home with two stories and a full basement. The first floor consists of a great room with living and dining and open floor plan kitchen, a study, and half bath as well as a  master bed room and bath.  We also have a garage, that enters into the mud room, and off the mud room, Kuri’s room (more about that later) and a special version of a “Man Cave” (it is not what you think!)

We are assembling a team lead by Mark Lorraine of Lorraine Construction. Of course Mr. Maine Country Home and I will be doing all sorts of building and DIY projects along the way especially when it comes to painting.

We are totally psyched to get started this summer so we can have a great indoor building season in the winter, and a fun reveal of the project in the late spring.

As we go through the process we will share both design board ideas and pictures as well as some funny stories to be told along the way. You know there will be some, and if you don’t laugh at mistakes you could end up crying!

In fact, our neighbors are building their house, and while digging for a new driveway they accidentally dug up part of our leaching field. Now that was a stinky business.

Life on the coast of Maine

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