We have seemingly endless cold across the USA. I have burned all the firewood Mr. MCH put in the garage. That is about a cord. It’s only January folks, and I have burned all the firewood Mr. MCH put in the garage. It’s even been too cold to take the dogs for a proper long walk.

So I thought to celebrate the cold, nothing else to do with it.

Maine Country Home is having a blanket sale. Our Maine made blankets are now 15% off retail price.


These blankets called Mermaid Napper are 100% made in New England, sheep grown, wool dyed, and loomed. At only $280 per blanket they were a value even with out a 15% discount. Now just $248.


We have a limited supply so stop by the Antique Exchange and pick one up soon they won’t last for long. Or buy online from The Shop At MCH.

It’s perfect for keeping you warm on a cold winter’s night, almost as good as snuggling with a labrador 🙂

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