Decorative Moldings

March Madness

I have been such a bad blogger! We have been so over the top busy here at Maine Country Home, that time has just flown by.

The top of the busy list is getting our new product Efex™ Decorative Moldings out to our new retail partners. We have partners in Florida, and Massachusetts, Texas, Georgia, and New Jersey  with more coming this week.


We did manage to finish a lovely mirror with our new moldings. For this mirror we used decorative moldings, painted with Chalk Paint® in Duck Egg Blue. We then painted the moldings in Old White, and added some gilders wax.

We also have a fun little project with the Miss Mustard Seed color of the month, French Enamel. I love this little tin pitcher, all dressed up to look like French Enamel.


Sam has been shopping and will have some fun projects at the store soon. So stay tuned. I promise we will have more how to’s and to do’s this month. But for now, were back to working with our moldings.




glass table

Simple nautical efex


This is an ultra quick and easy transformation using decorative moldings. We recently found this simple iron table base at a yard sale.


First, Mr. Maine Country Home applied the decorative rope molding using contact cement. We set the glass on top and let it dry overnight.


I painted the rope molding old white, and the table Napolionic blue. Took me about 15 min.


Voila, table changed from drab to fab in a blink. It is amazing what you can do with our decorative moldings. For more information go to our sister site. Efex USA.