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 Painting your kitchen with Chalk Paint is easy. In the Maine Country Home we have a special pantry kitchen, I call it the coffee kitchen. Its primary purpose is to serve the outside grill. In the summer it is in use for every dinner, in the winter, it’s used for coffee, tea, and wine.

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 When we designed the house, I planned this space that was part of a long hall way to serve as easy access to outside dining. Since we live in Maine I thought we could contain the lobsters to this space also.coffeekitchen2

 All the cabinets in the house came from Young’s and are solid wood, custom cabinets in paint grade wood. They come ready to paint. But even when you’re painting an old kitchen all you have to do is clean the cabinets. No other prepping or primer is required when you’re using Chalk Paint.

 The lower cabinets are painted in two coats of Old Violet, which is a lovely shade of slate blue from the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® collection.


 The upper cabinets and the window trim and base boards are painted in a custom mix of equal parts Paris Grey and Old White. I mixed four quarts of paint, and still have half a gallon left for touch ups. If you have extra from a mix, just remember to seal the top well and it will keep just fine.

 They are waxed with two coats of Clear Wax. When I started with waxing cabinets I was skeptical, but after a year, I am a full convert. All you have to do to clean spills is to wipe them down with a damp cloth. In fact, they are easier to clean than any other cabinets I have ever had.


 The rest of the room as a dry sink for storage, after all I needed a place for the lobster pots and the coffee.

What colors would you paint your kitchen?

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