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Named after the harbor town in Normandy, Honfleur is a color inspired by the rich warm browns found in the rustic French countryside as well as in Mid-century Modern design. This rich brown is just what you need to work with bright colors: it looks great next to Scandinavian Pink, Barcelona Orange, Giverny, Provence, Greek Blue, and Antibes Green. It can also look elegant and classical when paired with pastel Louis Blue or pretty Antoinette.

Giverny is a bright, cheery, clean, cool blue. It is near the greener range of blues, without any red in it. It is a perfect color for a modern contemporary palette, and looks great with bright, warm colors (such as Barcelona Orange and Scandinavian Pink) and cool neutrals (such as Paloma) as well as greens from the Annie Sloan range. Giverny is named after the village in Northern France where Claude Monet lived and this brilliant blue was especially popular in early 20th Century interiors.

This strong, deep green takes inspiration from the painted shutters and doors of Amsterdam. It works particularly well with whites and creams and botanical imagery and plants, as well as looking brilliant with earthy yellows and reds. Try teaming it with Primer Red, Arles, and Old Ochre. It’s also makes a great backdrop to cool blues, such as Provence, Giverny, and the purple tones of Emile.

Inspired by Pompeii, this rich color has a strong neoclassical heritage and is perfect for sophisticated painted furniture. For an elegant and traditional palette pair with Chateau Grey or Arles.

Like the silk lining of a jacket or traditional Chinese lacquer, this color is beautifully deepened with Annie Sloan Dark Soft Wax. For a boho look pair with Barcelona Orange, or lighten with Old White to create the perfect soft pink.

This natural pink is inspired by a mix of red ochre and white found everywhere from Scandinavia to Mexico. Pair with Versailles for a romantic country look, or stencil onto a linen pillow or runner for a flirty accent.

A color found in everything from Venetian palaces to Vietnamese temples, use this for rustic pieces or under gilding. Pair with Country Grey for a primitive look, or mix in equal parts with Emperor’s Silk for an eye-pleasing red.

The Grand Tours of the 18th century brought this color into the finest houses of Europe as part of gentle neoclassical schemes. Pair with Louis Blue for a romantic country look, or or English Yellow for a boho paradise.

This soft pink takes inspiration from the dusky wall colors and decorative pieces of 18th century French interiors. Pair with any of the pinks or purples for the perfect little girl’s room, or Old Ochre for a romantic country flair.

This classic color is reminiscent of the warm pigment, Burnt Umber, which has long been used in decorative work. Pair with Pure White or Emperor’s Silk for a more modern look, or for a country look try Arles.

This brilliant modern orange is based on the color used copiously by the impressionists, early advertising and 1960s decoration. For a boho look pair with Emperor’s Silk or Florence, or for a modern look pair with Paris Grey.

This rustic color takes inspiration from the French town of Arles where earthy yellow ochres are dug from the ground. Lighten with Old White to make a beautiful pastel yellow, or pair with Greek Blue for a bright coastal feel.

This faded, darkened cream color is evocative of old French painted furniture, woodwork and door exteriors seen in Paris. A warm, light taupey neutral, this color plays well with all styles and color palettes.

Based on the traditional yellow-ish color used on old woodwork, Cream also works as part of a 1950s vintage look. From modern, to country, to coastal, use Cream when you’re looking for a warm, sunny neutral.

Inspired by hand-painted Chinese wallpaper and the development of the Chrome Yellow pigment in the 1700s. Mix in equal parts with Arles for a butercup yellow, or pair with another bright color for a modern boho look.

Evocative of fine old French furniture, this sophisticated and gentle color picks up other colors well. Pair with Scandinavian Pink for a romantic country feel, or with Napoleonic Blue for a modern Federal look.

This cool soft neutral is great foil for other colors and a classic choice for painted furniture. A nice balance of white, tan, and green, this color coordinates nicely with many styles and palettes.

Antibes Green is not only found in the neoclassical palette, but also on rustic country furniture from Ireland and the south of France. For a more rustic look apply Dark Wax over this color, or lighten with Old White for a fabulous pale green.

This traditional color came into being when decorative painters mixed all their leftover colors together to make base paint. A warm color that acts like a neutral, Chateau Grey complements just about any style from country to coastal to traditional.

This traditional green is found in fine classically painted and lacquered furniture, as well as rustic country pieces. Perfect for the base of a country table, it looks even richer when Dark Wax is applied.

Found in neoclassical Italian and French interiors, this sophisticated color springs from copper green minerals and malachite. Excellent as an accent color peeking through a distressed finish or stenciled on for a bright pop.

Evoking Rococo interiors, this color stems from the discovery of a beautiful blue pigment in the 18th century. A muted blue-green, this color can act like a neutral and pair with a multitude of of colors and styles. Perfect for a seaside palette, or pair with Country Grey and Dark Wax for a rustic romantic look.

Recalling the shutters and doors of the south of France, this color works equally well for a modern look. To get the modern look pair with Pure White or a lightened Paris Grey. Great as a pop of color on outdoor urns for your deck, too.

Named after the blue found in 18th century Aubusson rugs, this is the perfect color for a Swedish interior. Pair with Scandinavian Pink for, you guessed it, a Scandinavian look, also adds a richness to any nautical decor.

Pair this pastel with white for a fine Rococo look or combine with brights for a vintage retro aesthetic. Mix with Paris Grey for a steel blue, or pair with Arles for a whimsical nursery.

Found on rustic doors, shutters and furniture throughout the Mediterranean, this color also works well in a neoclassical setting. Pair with Cream for a country-coastal look, or mix in equal parts with Old Violet for a fabulous Federal blue.

This color takes inspiration from Ultramarine and Cobalt Blue pigments used for decorative work in neoclassical interiors. Mix with equal parts Graphite for a deep navy, or pair with Emperor’s Silk and Pure White for an authentic nautical look.

A wonderful 18th century color inspired by Ancient Rome, use it with red for a little Parisian boho. This color can take on more of a purple, or blue, hue depending on the lighting. A great Federal color, it can also complement a more modern aesthetic.

Used first by artists and then in decorative work, this color finds its beginnings in bohemian Paris. More purple than pink, this color is at home in a little girl’s room, or Versailles for a romantic country look.

This classic color was used when a range of purples first became possible. It also works well with a contemporary neutral. Sometimes more purple, sometimes more grey, this chameleon color works well with others. Pair with Pure White for a modern look, or Henrietta for a boho aesthetic.

Perfect for modern interiors, this cool, clean white makes a crisp contrast with strong colors. When mixed with other colors to lighten it keep them bold.

Use this versatile white to lighten other colors or pair it with Paris Grey or Aubusson Blue for the Swedish look. Old White keeps colors soft when used to lighten.

Inspired by French and Swedish interiors, this soft and gentle color works well with blues and oranges. A cool neutral, lighten with Old White to make it warmer, or darken with Napoleonic Blue for a true grey.

Inspired by the color of aged, natural linen, this works beautifully with gold and a range of rich, bright colors. Another chameleon color, this greige will sometimes appear more grey or taupe. Lighten with Old White if it’s too dark for your decor.

Inspired by a traditional pigment called Lamp Black, this is perfect for anything from the neoclassical to the modern interior. Apply Dark Wax over Graphite to make it more black.

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