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Learn from the maestra herself! Videos on just about every technique and finish out there, from smooth to rustic, stenciling to making mahogany. Let your imagination take over and get creating!

New to Chalk Paint®? This is a great overview of the product, what you can do with it, the uniqueness of it, and a little about Annie as well.

Painting on one color, finished with Clear and then Dark Wax. A good intro to painting and waxing.

Getting an authentic 2-color distressed finish. A fun way to introduce a subtle pop of color.

Part one of a step-by-step tutorial of the painting process – Picking a color, and mixing two colors together.

Part 2 – getting a smooth, modern finish.

Part 3 – waxing to a smooth finish.

Part one of a step-by-step rustic tutorial – Get that rustic, country, chunky look! The key is painting every which way for texture.

Part 2 – distressing to get that rustic, worn look.

Part 3 – wax that puppy! After Clear Wax you can apply the Dark Wax to bring out any details as well.

Part one of staining wood with Chalk Paint – getting a mahogany look with paint and wax.

Part 2 – wax on! Dark Wax will take away the purplyness of the color.

Painting fabric/upholstery. Yes! You can even paint that!

Part one of how to stencil. Stenciling is SO much fun! Also some quick and easy tips about color and technique.

Part 2 – time to stencil. Get creative, overlay different designs to get a truly unique look.

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