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Chalk Paint® Decorative Paint – some funny and informative Questions and Answers

Hopefully these pages will answer many questions you have had about Chalk Paint® decorative paint. If, in the unlikely event, you still have questions, we would love to answer them for you. So ask away!

These questions are roughly in the order of the frequency we get asked the question so starting at the top. To see the full answers go to our new FAQ page

  1. Do I have to prime and sand?
  2. What is all the hype about Chalk Paint®?  Is it really that different?
  3. Is Chalk Paint® just a new fad?
  4. Can I make my own Chalk Paint?
  5. What can I use the paint on?
  6. What about the price, is it worth it?
  7. Why do I need to wax my paint?
  8. Do I have to use the Annie Sloan Clear wax, it’s so expensive?
  9. Why do you wax before sanding that seems backwards?
  10. Why do you use the clear wax before the dark wax?
  11. Help, I’ve used too much dark wax!
  12. My wax won’t dry, and is tacky what did I do wrong?
  13. How do I get a smooth finish?  I see brush strokes!
  14. Why use a lint free cloth?
  15. I just finished my piece with clear wax and dark wax and I can scratch my fingernail right through the wax to expose the paint, what is wrong?
  16. Bleed through?
Do I need a wax brush?
  18. How do I clean my new expensive wax brush?

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