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A Change Will Do You Good

The haircut is a symbol of change.   When we started this blog in 2012 it was to chronicle our new life on the coast of Maine. How do two goofy retirees choose to spend their golden years?

OK, I never told my husband that we were retiring, and then I got a new career, then we bought a business, then he joined a board or two. Hum…. not so retired after all. But I digress.

Over the years we lost our way a bit. I missed out on writing a whole bunch of stores about things I love. Like, building our home, the barn, or the dogs. It’s a little odd because we had such fun writing about our adventures sailing on Waianiwa. Not a peep about sailing or the renovation of our classic yacht Leaf. (Well maybe Leaf did get a post or two) I didn’t even blog much about the store and the other business we own Efex Decorative Moldings.



Rather the blog morphed into just another blog about paint. Yes, Annie and Marion, I adore both of you and cherish my personal relationship with each of you. And yes, paint can be life-changing. But…. it’s not just about the paint. (In my head I’m thinking did I just say that, and will I actually post it?)

Then 2016 happened! My husband was fighting both lung cancer and heart problems, our kids were inbound from around the world to sail our old yacht to New Zealand, the dogs were dying and getting old and work which has always been a joy for me seemed just harder than it needed to be.

Yes, a change will do us good. The cure for the common blog is easy… write about what you love! When it includes paint great, if not Ces’t  la vie!

Going forward we’re going to share more of the ups and downs… Read long winters and short summers. Glorious fall days, gardens, dogs, the ocean, boats, and buoys the things I repaint twice because I didn’t like the first time! Along the way, you will see how to get a lovely coast lifestyle for less than you think.

Our store in Rockland is going strong. We are so proud of our manufacturing facility that makes Efex flexible moldings right here in mid-coast Maine.  Did I mention that at all on this blog last year?  I don’t think I did and that is a shame.

My husband has managed to recover from lung cancer and his heart is doing well. Right now we are in Auckland, New Zealand visiting the family. Next week we may share some project pictures but mostly… you will get a tour of New Zealand Wine Country and The Horse of the Year competition (read lots of photos of our granddaughter)

Going forward we will still share color stories, paint, and projects but a lot of the blog will become more about life on the coast in elegant DIY style.

I hope you enjoy the New Maine Country Home Blog

xoxo Lydia

Life on the coast of Maine

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