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You know Mondrian, the artist that did the cool paintings with stark black lines and blocks of primary colors? You know, like these:

mondrian art

Well it felt a bit like we were channeling him when we started painting our stairwell recently.

chalk paint on walls

We always knew we wanted to do something off-the-wall (oh yes, pun certainly intended) with this blank space. For awhile we had painted canvases all helter-skelter, and that worked for a bit…then they started falling on our heads whenever we moved a piece of furniture up and down the stairs. We’d run into one with the leg of a table, or the corner of a dresser…it just got to be too much. So we started brainstorming ideas.

chalk paint as art

This was all Kristy’s idea, and we all thought it was great! So we said, go ahead Kristy, roll with it! Sometimes the problem with having an awesome idea is that you then have to implement it…not sure she was so excited after the third day!

using chalk paint on walls

The key for us was to go completely random since the space was so big. Any attempts at being linear and creating the same sized boxes would have been thwarted by the fact that it’s a triangular space, and nothing is level. Levels cringe and run away when they see our floors and ceilings.

painted stairwell

We’re very pleased by the outcome. For protective purposes Kristy applied 2 coats of Annie Sloan Clear Soft Wax. We’ve had a few customers get inspired by the idea of doing tints or tones of one color on their stairwell. What do you think? Would you try a Mondrian design on your stairwell?

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