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Here at Maine Country Home we love Scandinavian style. In fact, Maine, Sweden, and Norway have a lot in common. Long winters being one of them…

So it was not surprising that when this lovely little side table came in and all three of us made a beeline for the Milk Paint.

Here she is before, yikes.

milk paint before

chipping milk paint before

The legs just said Scandinavian to us.


Kristy went to work with Eulalie’s Sky and Linen, with no Bonding Agent added to ensure chippy goodness. It was so easy, and it turned out perfect! A coat of White Wax softened the bright color, making it suitable for many different styled interiors and decor. We thought of about four different styles this table could fit into.

This chippy loveliness is what she created.

We all love it so much it has been nicknamed “The Cutest Little Side Table in the World.” What do you think? Have you incorporated any Scandinavian styled items into your home?

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