Christmas Gift Wrap Up | Maine Country Home

 Yesterday during the deep freeze (This was as high as it got.)


I took some time for a few photo’s of some of my favorite gifts from my children and my grand-daughter.


Imagine, getting a homemade wreath and this lovely spoon holder from a 4-year-old.


The spoon holder is especially great because she picked it out for grandma all on her own 🙂


My daughter had to hunt for the gifts this year, and hit it out of the park with these great pillows she made for me. I have an extreme fondness for decorative pillows and these two fit right in to the living room. She knitted the tops and then sewed them on taffeta fabric for pillows.


She also found these great had made whale book ends. Aren’t they cute?

Of course I also took the time to rearrange the living room. Now there is a surprise!


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