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Ok, this may be the nautical equivalent of moose hunting in the woods of Maine.  Last Sunday we went off for our annual Christmas lunch with two other couples. Most years we find a great restaurant, or go to one of our homes, but this year it was suggested and agreed “Let’s go to Half Way Rock.”

Half Way Rock is a lighthouse 10 miles outside of Portland Harbor. Towering above a very small pile of rock, it’s a beacon of safety for mariners on the coast.

So off set 3 couples and a dog for a simple lunch. Each couple brought part of lunch, lobster salad, desert, pate for appetizers and oyster stew in a crock pot. We did dutifully duct tape the crockpot before we left the dock.


Landing on the rock is a two boat process on a very steep ramp. So far we have no snow in Maine, the temp was balmy and very calm seas, the swell rolls in making landings tricky at the best of times – please note that line for future reference.


We loaded the boys and the food in the little boat from the big boat for the first landing trip. Actually getting to shore is a little tricky, when you jump off you need cleats on your boots to keep from slipping. The boys did well with most of the food, all bottles of wine intact, but as they ran up on the ramp the crock pot took a tumble. Two men pulling a whaler up a ramp and one yelling “The crock! The crock!” Quick action and the quick duct tape job saved the oyster stew!


The second trip was easy, just the ladies. With all people, the dog, and lunch ashore it was time to take in the view.

We climbed up to the top of the light house for lunch, drinks, and Mr. Maine Country Home’s homemade pate. We skipped the skeet shooting for the wine this time. It was so sunny we were chatting about sunburns!


Lunch was lobster rolls and oyster stew. Not too much was lost in the rolling around. Stories of the storms at the light abounded and our host has all of the old pictures and telegrams. No storms today, just great friends on an adventure. However, as we left I did tell my host “I would love to spend a big nor’easter here, it would be a grand adventure.” So stay tuned, I might just get my wish!


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