Oh boy! Oh boy! We’ve reached the second-to-last round of voting for this year’s first ever Annie Sloan Color Madness. We’ve pitted all 32 colors against each other in a bracket style voting competition to see which color will be crowned the crowd favorite. Things are going to get much harder from here on out!

And now we’re down to just four colors. Drum roll please…

Up for voting today, first we have warm versus cool, Aubusson Blue vs. Arles

1 3

You can see what colors they’re won against here:

Aubusson vs. Coco, Aubusson vs. Old Ochre, and Aubusson vs. Provence

Arles vs. Emperor’s Silk, Arles vs. Old White, Arles vs. Pure White

The winner will go on to the final round, so be sure to vote in the comments and on Facebook for your favorite!

Second up, we have Duck Egg and Paris Grey battling it out for your affections,

2 4

You can see what these two colors have had to overcome here:

Duck Egg vs.Henrietta, Duck Egg vs. French Linen, and Duck Egg vs. Graphite

Paris Grey vs. English Yellow, Paris Grey vs. Burgundy, and Paris Grey vs. Old Violet

Who goes on? Who goes home? You decide! Vote in the comments and on Facebook to see your favorite move on to the final round on Thursday.

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