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In a post last week I wrote about the colors of Maine. Specifically, the colors that we see every day that have inspired so many great artists. In thinking about that post, I decided to attach the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® colors that go with our daily visuals.

Jamie Wyeth’s Sea Pumpkins show the vibrant side of Wyeth colors. Thinking Barcelona Orange, Greek Blue, and Napoleonic Blue.


This picture of lupines has Old Violet, Antibes Green, Greek Blue, and Henrietta.


Cooked lobster (which is the best form of lobster) is Emperor’s Silk and Primer Red.


Also our lobster boats are often Emperor’s Silk. The docks, lighthouse, and sheds are the same vibrant red. The sea is a combination including Aubusson Blue. While the land and trees are Chateau Grey.


And finally at the risk of being presumptuous, when I see Christina’s World I see Arles, Scandinavian Pink, Chateau Grey, and Old Ochre.

Any thoughts on this one? What colors do you see?

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