It all comes down to this: Aubusson Blue vs. Duck Egg

Four weeks. Thirty-one days. One month of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint colors fighting to be considered number one. Now we’re at the end, only two colors remain, and only one can be crowned victorious. Only one can go on to be reigning champion for the rest of the year. Which will you choose?





It’s not surprising these two colors have made it all the way to the finals. The two blues are absolutely brilliant colors. Both are good mixes of blue and green, and can go with just about anything. Both Aubusson Blue and Duck Egg are muted enough to be considered neutrals, and therefore can coordinate with just about any color. Red? Oh yes. Yellow? Heavenly. Beige? Goodness yes.

Unfortunately, they can’t both be the winner, as lovely as they are. So it’s now up to you to choose. You know the drill, vote for your favorite in the comments below and on Facebook, extra special bonus points if you share a picture of something you’ve painted in either color!

We’re really excited to see which color wins! But really we’ve been excited since day one.

Check back on Facebook tomorrow to find out who the winner is!

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