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Got up this morning to unload the truck and trailer. Wow, did we find some great treasures for the Maine Country Home last night. I guess the late night drive home made me forget how many cool things we found.

Yesterday we went to a country auction and a discover auction. We found several great largest pieces ranging from a perfect 18th Century pine dry sink, to an empire table which we have some very special plans to lighten and brighten.

But, we also found some unique smaller items like this darling little scale.

Antique Scale

When I go to an auction, I have t lists. The first is a list of big pieces I an looking for. These are pieces that I have ideas for repurposing and painting. The second list comes from looking at the auction preview online.  When I look at the auction online I decide what my limit is on each piece before I go to the preview. When I get to the preview I look carefully at each piece. Yesterday there were two step back cupboards in the auction listing that were very interesting. It turns out but they were both married pieces (tops and bottoms originally from different furniture), and not well done at that. There were other great pieces that I just didn’t see in the listing, a great bakers table and some great primitive cutting boards.

Once I see what I like, I set the maximum price in my mind and never ever go over it. Yes, you will miss some pieces, but you will get some of your dream items.  When the auction starts I stand in the back of the room, so I can see the others bidding.  Some days we come home with lots of new treasures, and other time we come home with an empty trailers. But, every time we go to an auction there is always something unique to see or buy!

Full Truck

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