Chateau Grey Chalk Paint Versatile and lush.

We have some absolutely lovely colors today in our color madness brackets. So let’s get right to it!

country grey chalk paint

COUNTRY GREY: a perfect cool soft neutral. Made with raw umber pigment, it is the classic choice for so much painted furniture. The perfect amount of tan and green make this color extremely versatile. Much more than a country color, use as a wash over another color for added dimension.

primer red chalk paint

PRIMER RED: found in practically every culture, appearing in everything from Venetian palaces to Vietnamese temples, where red earths were plentiful and relatively easy to come by. Use it for rustic pieces or as a base for sophisticated colors like Château Grey or Versailles. It also works beautifully under gilding. Finishing this color with Dark Wax makes it much richer.

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burgundy chalk paint

BURGUNDY: a rich deep warm red the color of dark cherries, Burgundy finds its early inspiration in Pompeii. It also has a strong a strong neoclassical heritage, making it perfect for sophisticated painted furniture.

chateau grey chalk paint

CHATEAU GREY: This elegant greyed green is inspired by the color created when decorative painters mixed all their leftover colors together to make a base paint. It is the traditional color found in French woodwork. Lighten with Old White for a lichen-y green.

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