Country Grey Chalk Paint - versus Pure White

Country Grey

Country Grey in a color playoff against Pure White. What a pairing.

Sorry about the delay, that snow day and technical difficulties really set us back! Here’s what would have been yesterday’s color match-up, now it’s today’s!

First we have Country Grey vs. Pure White

country grey interior

Country Grey, as pictured here on the bed linens and headboard. A warm, earthy, beige with undertones of green, it’s a great neutral that plays well with everyone. Pairs well with muted yellows, warm whites, and black. You can also pair with bright whites if you want a more modern vibe.

pure white interior

Bright, clean, classic Pure White. Pair with more whites for a soft, shabby chic look, with bright colors for a modern aesthetic, or pastels for a sweet, romantic, cottage vibe.

So which of these beautiful neutrals is for you? Vote in the comments below and on Facebook!

Next up we have Burgundy vs. Paris Grey

burgundy interior

Burgundy, a rich, saturated, statement color. The perfect red with undertones of purple, this color is versatile as it is gorgeous. Choose one large piece to be a statement in this color, or several little pieces (like a collection of frames). This color gets deeper and richer when you apply Dark Wax over it.

paris grey interior

Light and cool Paris Grey is another extremely versatile neutral. Modern, Scandinavian, classical, French, coastal…you name it. Pair with bright, bold colors to give a modern edge, or wash Old White over it for a more coastal or Scandinavian look.

Two great colors, but only one can win! Vote for your favorite in the comments below and on Facebook. Tomorrow’s color madness battle will be between Arles vs. Old White & Louis Blue vs. Paloma. Can’t wait to see the results from that, it’s so hard to choose! Check back on Facebook tomorrow afternoon to see who today’s winners are, too!

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