It’s almost fall and fall is the season of change. Change in every area of life: summer’s essentially over, back to school, the garden is petering out – you name it. This September I am determined to blog more here at Maine Country Home. (If you’d to read more of my blogs from the summer, visit our Efex site and learn about our adorable moldings)  🙂

My point for today’s post is: Fall is coming. No matter how hard I try there is no denying the seasons are about to change. If you love fall, you’re ready for it. The impulse to grab a cashmere sweater and wear boots is pretty strong, even if this summer weather is still here for at least a few more weeks. But before we start in on fall colors and fall decorating I thought I would take a quick look back at this summer. It really was wonderful, wasn’t it?

Summer Reflections

1 – Here at my Maine Country Home, the garden this year grew out of control. We’re still enjoying the limelight hydrangeas and the tomatoes. Nothing really tastes as good as a home grown tomato.




2 – Over at our sister site Efex USA, we were busy with all sorts of projects including writing a free e-book, filled with easy ways to spiff up your home without breaking the bank. Just click on the picture and sign up to download your book.

3 – I painted up a feast of furniture with Samantha and Kristy. The two favorite styles: Scandinavian delight…

And of course RH style…. always a fav.

And finally…. a few pictures of our favorite things from around the state and around the store.

Life on the coast of Maine

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