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Seven great elements of Farmhouse Style

Paint, make, or find these items to give your home an instant style upgrade.

1 – Farmhouse tables

Painted or with wood tops. Stick with light colors and blond wood. We chose Old White for the top and a 50/50 mix of Old Violet and Greek Blue for the legs. Dressed up with an R29 Efex flower rosette as the icing on the cake.

2 – Mason Jars

Use for more than just canning jams. Paint with Chalk Paint® in any color you like for flower or candle holders.

3 – Anything Galvanized

Buckets to baskets to watering cans, these add a touch of industrial to the farmhouse style.

4 – Pie

Apple, strawberry rhubarb, blueberry…made in a ceramic or Pyrex pie plate, and served on vintage china with an old pie server. Does it get any better than that?

5 – Wooden Floors

White washed by time, or paint, there’s very little carpet in a farmhouse, save for a few area rugs. See our tutorial on whitewashing floors here.

6 – Simple, Heirloom Pottery

Beautiful timeless pottery, like our collection of Farmhouse Pottery, is a staple of this style. It serves many uses and stands the test of time. A must for any country kitchen.

7 - Barn Doors

Whether they’re leading into a barn, or separating two rooms, barn doors are a great architectural detail that add style and texture to any room. Grab a small one for a headboard, or go all out like the photo above and put them on sliding tracks.

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