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If a piece of furniture has style and purpose we are always ready to see beyond the surface. We work to find its potential and make it a special bespoke piece that anyone could love in their home. Sometimes we find single pieces, other times entire sets. Sometimes we do the work in the store, other times the barn. And sometimes in the re-loving of a set you can have a happy accident.

The farmhouse style is one of our favorites, and when we found our most recent table it was dark brown and very sad. There were six sturdy brown chairs with old cloth seats. It was totally down in the dumps (no pun intended).


Samantha dropped this set by the barn in pieces, it was hard to see the potential. After brain storming we came up with “elegant farmhouse.” Then the wheels start turning…farmhouse style=blue, white, yellow, flowers…

The first focus on this table were the legs. They needed something to stand out and give them more of a country style. Enter Efex Appliqués. These flower appliqués can dress up any table and make it look its best. The legs were pretty straight forward, two rosettes each on the corner, then they were painted with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® in Arles.

The chairs were equally easy. After a good cleaning, and removing the hideous fabric we used our Wagner Power sprayer to spray on two coats of Old White. So much brighter! Then we recovered the seats in an old french grain sack. Again, a special touch to make a glam farmhouse style.

We really had the farmhouse vibe going now, all we had to do now was tackle the top. And this is were the fun began…When we got this table the top was dark brown, like a dark chocolate/espresso stain. We could see a hint of inlay but we were planning to paint the top Old White because we did not think it could be saved.


But…if it’s going to be painted anyway…why not try to sand it and find out if that dark stain can be removed? Imagine our surprise when the sander took off the finish easily and we found more than the inlay. When you look at this picture you can see not only the lovely inlay but some great graining. The grain pattern is symmetrical and on each side of the table as well as centered on the leaf.


As soon as we saw the top without the brown grunge we knew that this was one piece that was not going to be painted! After a quick fine sand we finished it with a few coats of Artisan Enhancements Clear Finish.


That was all it took to make this down in the dumps farmhouse style dining set go from sad to glad.

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