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“DIY Luxe” is luxury for less. This month and every month we’re going to celebrate luxury on a budget.

 At Maine Country Home we have many inspirational ideas to start your year off with a refreshed style. All you have to do is relove and repaint. Remember, it doesn’t have to look like it came from a flea market even if it did!

 Since it is Valentine’s Day, “roses are red, violets are blue,” this month is dedicated to two colors, one MMS Apron Strings and Annie Sloan’s Old Violet.

slightlysmallernewheader1.jpg DSC_6705

Samantha will share a great piece in MMS Apron Strings a bit later for the red, and we will highlight Old Violet in an elegant country kitchen.

We will have more tutorials both from Maine Country Home and others. One tutorial will be a continuation of our Restoration Hardware style specials that will show you how to do a faux zinc finish.


The Efex decorative moldings will be in the store this week, and we have some fun projects waiting to be done.

We see great examples of painted furniture on the internet, whether it’s this exceptional piece of whimsy from my friend Nancy Chase at Sea Rose Cottage,


or this lovely piece from my friend Amy Chambers at Maison Decor.


They are both great examples of what you can do yourself.

Whether it is doing an entire room, or just a simple piece of furniture we can help you take a can of paint, and turn it into something special.

 And don’t forget the champagne on the 14th!

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