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Now for part 2 of our mini-series, Finding Inspiration. Last week we talked about Pinterest. This week we’re looking at books. This is certainly not a new idea, it’s an oldie but a goody. Before the internet (if you can remember back that far) we were forced to read books for our ideas. It seems like a foreign concept now, but print publications can be a great resource for ideas and inspiration.

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There are a few Annie Sloan books available, our favorites are Color Recipes and Quick & Easy Paint Transformations. Between the two there are almost 100 different finishes for you to try. Technique books will show you exactly that, technique. Use these for tutorials on how to get finishes, color mixes, and also a few style ideas. Her book, Room Recipes, shows how to create styles such as Modern, Scandinavian, or Boho. A must for anyone who wants to meld several styles in their home.

Miss Mustard Seed has recently published a book all about her Milk Paint as well. LOTS of tips, tricks, and inspiration to be found within those pages.

Speaking of style, there are more books of this genre than you can shake a stick at. If you’re looking to create a cohesive look in a room, say French country or coastal, grab a book that speaks to that goal. You’ll find pages and pages of ways that you can create the exact style you’re looking for, and then you can paint your furniture to match that style! When we’re stuck we’ll plop down in a comfy chair and rifle through a couple books. It usually works to unstick our creative gears.

So there you have it, books! Join us next week when we look at Instagram and Facebook.

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