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Welcome to our newest mini-series, Finding Inspiration. I wanted to call it, “I found an ugly piece of furniture, now what do I do with it?” but that quickly got vetoed, not sure why…

One of the questions we’re asked most often is how we decided to do that specific finish on a piece of furniture. Many people get stuck, they stare at their project for days/weeks/months/ and (yikes) years battling with indecision. Well let me tell you, we’ve all been in the same boat sometimes here. Sometimes a piece will scream at us, other times it’s silent in telling us what colors, finish, or style it wants to be. So I’m here to tell you where we go for inspiration to get us out of a rut.

pinterest inspiration

Firstly, we live in a digital age, take advantage of it! Our first stop is usually Pinterest. Whether we’re looking for a way to spruce up a specific piece of furniture, a color mix, or just cruising for ideas in general, it’s a great resource for visual people. Got a dresser that you want to paint? Type “painted dresser” into the search and be prepared to have a flood of ideas. Thinking of a specific color? Search for “yellow end table” to see a multitude of tints and finishes. The best part about Pinterest, if you find a great idea you can pin it for later! Create your own style boards for future projects so you’ll remember those great ideas down the road.

searching for inspiration

Next we have the good old Google image search. Type in what you’re looking for, be it “Chalk Paint on kitchen cabinets” or “distressed furniture”, you can scroll and scroll for days. I was really vague in my search, just “Annie Sloan Chalk Paint ideas.” This way I might find a really cool color combo or finish on one piece of furniture that I’d like to do on something completely different. Just remember to bookmark the picture so you can find it later!

So there you have it, two easy ways to get out of your rut. Join us next week when we delve into more ways to Find Inspiration.

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