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Welcome back to our mini-series, Finding Inspiration. Previously we’ve talked about online searches, and last week was books. This week were shifting back to the internet to talk about using social media to get ideas. Primarily we use Facebook and Instagram. The great thing about these two is that the ideas are basically delivered to you in a feed, little to no work required! Just the way we like it.


Facebook, not just for seeing when your friends are eating lunch. There are many groups dedicated to style and inspiration. A few of our favorites are Annie Sloan Q&A Forum, Swedish and French Decorating, and Elegant Design. Of course, you can type anything into the search bar and find a group that’s discussing what you want to learn about. Just don’t forget to join or follow the group, then inspiration will filter right into your news feed!


Instagram is another one of those fabulous visual aids for finding inspiration. You can follow people you like to see what they’re creating and it will show up in your home feed. You can also search for hashtags, like “#Boho” or “#PaintedFurniture”. When searching on Instagram you’re searching for tags that users have placed on their photos which appear #likethis. They’re all one word and have the pound sign (#) in front of them. This makes their images searchable. I know this is probably second nature to a lot of you right now, but it’s an integral tidbit of knowledge that comes in handy when using Instagram. Side note – I just started using hashtags much to my chagrin, Lydia made me.

Are you flooded with inspiration yet? Is it getting easier to suss out ideas? Well join us again next week when we take a peek at magazines.

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