First Chalk Paint Class - Maine Country Home

We had our first paint class last week, it was just wonderful.

I felt a little like a kid going back to school for the first time, but all turned out well.

All the staff and members of the restoration center at the Nobleboro Antique Exchange joined us to learn and paint with Chalk Paint®. We all had a great time with lots of laughs as well as some great ideas and practice. One of the highlights was showing everyone how easy the paint is. And this group was not new to refinishing and restoring, so to have them rave about the product afterward was a big bonus.

In our Intro class we cover the basics of using Chalk Paint™ and waxing including four different finishes. We also covered crackle finishes and impasto, which everyone loved.

Our next class is Tuesday October 30th at the Antique Exchange.  The class runs from 10 – 2 so bring your own lunch, beverages will be served. Cost is $155 per person and includes all of your supplies as well as a class book. To sign up give Lydia a call at 401-662-1700 or email,

As we go forward next year we will have several speciality classes, including floor cloths and stenciling.

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