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I know some of you have been waiting for this, beautiful eye-candy photos of my romp around Paris. Wait no longer! I spent all of my free day (thanks snowmageddon!) walking around the city and soaking up the sights. I have no idea where I was, or what any of the buildings are because I don’t read any French. Next time I’ll do better!

So for now, grab a croissant and some wine and enjoy your trip through the streets of Paris…

First on the tour is Roger la Grenouille, one of the best places to get frog legs in all of France, and maybe even all of Europe! Everything was so fresh, if you haven’t tried authentic frog legs then I suggest hopping on a plane and trying this restaurant! The courtyard outside the front door was equally stunning, a nice introduction to the beginning of my trip.

restaurants in paris

The guardians of the restaurant…are you sensing a theme yet?

frog legs in paris

They look like they came from a fountain in a past life.

Roger la Grenouille france

This is going to sound weird, but the bathroom in this place was the cutest bathroom around! I couldn’t help but snap some pictures of the details, like this lily wall sconce…

Lily wall sconce

…the frog tiles…

Roger la Grenouille paris france

…and wouldn’t you believe it, a ceramic frog toilet paper holder!

Roger la Grenouille

This guy caught my eye as we were leaving the courtyard, it’s amazing how many little details can be overlooked, it’s like a scavenger hunt when you walk the streets!

frogs in paris

You see these enormous doorways all over Paris, some are polished wood, some are painted, but all are beautiful works of art. Behind most doorways are courtyards of all different sizes that can act as small parking lots, or just as garden retreats for the residents who live in the cozy apartments hidden behind the five-story walls. For most of the day I just walked around wondering what lay behind the behemoth doors, until we (my aunt – who I was staying with – and I) went to visit one of her friends who has an apartment smack-dab in the middle of the city. Lucky her! That’s her peeking out, wondering why I’m not coming in…

paris france doors

Dinner was always a treat, but I had to share this amazing dessert! Yes, that poofy cloud-shaped thing is indeed a dessert. It’s actually about an 8 or 9 inch tall hard meringue that when cracked open revealed ice cream on top of a home made cookie! What will those Frenchies think of next…

french meringue dessert

I didn’t have time to go inside the Louvre, it’s simply too big and fantastic not to give it the time it deserves. I did spend a bit of time walking around outside enjoying the controversial pyramids, and roaming around the park in front of the building. Next time I’ll carve out a day to actually go inside and get my art fix for the year.

the louvre paris france parks in Paris France the Louvre Paris France

parks in paris

fountain paris france

While I didn’t get to go inside the Louvre and enjoy art, there were plenty of statues and sculptures lining the streets and parks for me to enjoy!

statues in paris france

And seagulls, lots of seagulls. These two look like they’re desperately trying to run away from the birds. I don’t blame them.

statues in france

You wouldn’t see this in any museum…

paris france

The buildings just added a depth that made you really feel the age of the city. This isn’t some metropolis that popped up in the last 100 years, she’s an old bird that was riding a bike before training wheels were even a thing.

streets of paris river seine paris france

I call this the lamppost to French Narnia. Everything was embellished and intricate, down to the last detail.

paris france lamp posts paris france 20150126_121026


And finally, what’s a trip to Paris without the obligatory photos of the Eiffel Tower? I walked, and walked, and walked on my free day and somehow ended up at the magnificent structure. Do all roads lead to the Eiffel Tower? My guess was yes. Here she is half hidden by fog earlier in the week…

eiffel tower

…and here she is in all her glory! I was a bit lost when I was walking around, but I turned onto a small side street and when I came out of it I found I was gazing directly at the majestic tower. Fate it is!

eiffel tower eiffel tower paris france eiffel tower Paris France

This is looking out over the park with my back to the Eiffel Tower. Their grass is so green and beautiful because no one is allowed on it. At least maybe not this time of year. It was amazing how many people were out and about on a Wednesday afternoon. Groups running, friends playing ultimate frisbee, tourists, locals, you name it! It was a buzzing city, but not in the hurried way, like you feel with other large, populated cities.

Paris France

Can you believe they already have flowers…in January?!?

flowers in france

Roses too!

flowers in paris

Well that’s all that was worth sharing! Many of my photos were blurry, or had my finger across the lens somehow…I guess I’ll just have to go back soon and take more!

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