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Over the last few months Lydia, Kristy, and I have been pondering what to add to our store. We love our painted furniture, our painted accessories, and the paints of course! But we wanted something else, something special…then it hit us – we only had half the story. What’s a furnished house without the loving details that make it into a home? Something had to be done!

Where else do you go to find unique, one-of-a-kind accents to make your abode memorable? The Maison & Objet show in Paris of course! I bid a fond farewell to my cohorts, and promised I’d be back with new ideas and fabulous finds.

 flying to paris

On my way!

This home and gift show promised to be an awe-inspiring treat with 9 gigantic halls full of linens, kitchen accessories, furniture, gifts, home fragrance, soft goods, vases, flatware, dishware…you name it and it was there! I felt like a small fish in a big pond coming from rural Maine, but I did my best to not look like a yokel 😉

So first the eye candy…

hand made paper necklaces

These necklaces are hand made out of paper, the one on the far right looks like draped wisteria when placed around your neck.

iris vase

For those of you who follow our Instagram and Facebook pages you’ll recognize this vase. It’s a Chinese porcelain rendition of Van Gogh’s iris painting. I walked around the corner of this booth and nearly broke into tears, this vase was so beautiful to behold. The craftsmanship needed to bring a 2-dimensional piece to life was just exquisite.

porcelain vases

Some more examples of the same manufacturer.

brightly painted frames

Now we know what to do with all those old picture frames hanging around…paint them bright colors and hang our towels from them!

Murano glass chandelier glass chandelier

Can you guess how tall these Murano glass chandeliers are? 5 feet? 10 feet? Try 20 feet! On the second photo you can just make out a man standing behind the chandelier, and he is dwarfed! I can only imagine how long these intricate pieces took to create, and I’m glad it was someone else and not me!

Ok, so there’s the eye candy…are you wondering what we’re going to bring into the store? Well you’ll have to wait until tomorrow! Tune in tomorrow to see what fun and interesting pieces we’ll be bringing in for Spring of this year…

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