French Linen and Graphite Chalk Paint

Neutrals for Everyone

Some times you see a color combination and it just strikes you as perfect. This image of black, and grey caught my eye, and my imagination.  The lovely colors are so enhanced by the textures, the burlap the wool all mix together for a peaceful yet slightly moody feature.

I am always interested in what colors make up a scene, and started to look deeper into this photo. Of course I often see things in terms of Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint color palette so in this photo I see, French Linen and Graphite maybe a little Paris Grey and Old White. All  colors from our lovely neutral pallet.

Then I went hunting on the inter webs for ideas of what to do with these colors.

Wow, there were some great ideas out there. using Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint.

Like this great armoire I found on Pinterest

French Linen and Graphite Armorie

or these lovely pots from Stone Gables Blog.

Stone Gables Urns

Or this lovely little table found on Pinterest that is two parts French Linen mixed with 1 part graphite. Now that is a combination I could get behind.

French Linen and Graphite mixed

In a time when whites are all the rage, and I do love my whites… maybe it’s time to look at graphite. It can give you a bump of drama in an otherwise neutral world.

xoxo Lydia


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