French Seaside Style

From the Channel to the Mediterranean, France’s myriad seascapes inspire homes and interiors to match. This is the introduction to Sebastien Siraudeau’s book French Seaside Style. Beware, this is not just another book on coastal decor. French Seaside Style red bed

It is filled with great interior decor eye candy by this author and photographer.
French Chair

More importantly, it is a peek at some of the most lovely seaside retreats, public and private, ever photographed. And the best part is, they look liveable. Of course that is one of the key ingredients of French style. Every photo shows that delightful mix of styles that the French have in abundance.
French Style

Seaside style is not just red white and blue country, even though there is plenty of the tricolor. It is a delightful mix of formal and informal, modern and vintage. Ship model from French Seaside Style

You can see from the pictures why we love the book, and of course we love the coast of France.

French painting

Life on the coast of Maine

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